Best Jogging Routes Along Santee

Santee, California has good jogging routes that could make for a great work out.

The Old Santee Canal is one of the jogging trails mentioned in the website Roots Rated, and is one of their recommended jogging paths in the city.

Best Jogging Routes Along Santee

Trail running in Santee can be fun. (Photo Credits)

“The 22-mile long Old Santee Canal was completed at the turn of the 19th century to allow easy passage of boats across the lowcountry river systems. Today part of the Canal, and the area that surrounds it, make up the Old Santee Canal State Park. The State Park consists of 195 acres of protected land which hosts a variety of trails and wildlife that is situated just north of Charleston, and is a mecca for everyone from hikers to boaters.”

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Best Trails in and Around Santee

The San Diego Magazine also featured breath-taking jogging trails in the area. The 6.1-mile Sunset Cliffs route is among the 28 trails that they mentioned in their blog post.

Historical Landmarks in Santee

Start at Ocean Beach Dog Beach, run toward the Ocean Beach Pier and weave your way along Pescadero Drive to the ocean. Run up Sunset Cliffs Boulevard to Sunset Cliffs Park and then make your way back. Sunset Cliffs offer one of the best ocean views in San Diego. After reaching the coast, this path will take you high above the ocean, with rocky cliffs and breaking waves below. Most of the path is off the street, and once you reach Sunset Cliffs Park, there are plenty of dirt trails to wind along, extending your run if you wish.”

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Scenic Jogging Trails also came up with its own list of beautiful running trails in and around the San Diego area. 11-mile Mission Bay route is one of the trails that they recommended for those looking for running trails within the county.

Summer Activities for Children in Santee

“A flat sidewalk snakes around Mission Bay for a full 11-mile loop, with plenty of different starting points and oft-changing views, and the boats sailing on the water serve as a welcome distraction from the monotony of a long run. The mile-markers on the sidewalk here are handy reminders, letting you know just how much (or little, no judging) you’ve run. The park is almost always full of dog-walkers, stroller gangs, and families on bikes, so stay on your toes to avoid running into people. However, the pedestrian path is wide enough that there’s rarely a traffic jam.”

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Running is indeed pleasurable and challenging when in Santee, California.