Early Signs of Possible Mold Issues

Molds can definitely be a huge problem and part of resolving it efficiently is detecting and remediating it early on. Most homeowners are not aware of the early signs of a mold problem, such that they only get to act on it once the problem is already full blown.

The problem with this though is that mold damage worsens by the minute, and the more it goes unresolved the heavier the damage that occurs. It is then sensible to be abreast of the early signs of mold issues so that it can be caught in its tracks. Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration Info

Early Signs of Possible Mold Issues

Sick indoors, but feeling better when outside the home? It could be a sign of a mold problem. (Photo Credits)

The website Moldblogger.com shared some ways to determine whether there is a mold presence in a home. One of the signs it mentioned in their write up is a strange odor lingering in the home. 24 Hours Water Damage Mission Valley

“Mold has a pungent smell. When it is confined to one area of your home, you may notice an unpleasant odor when you are in that area. Mold can sometimes live within the walls or behind wallpaper, and so you might not immediately associate the smell with a mold problem. If you do notice an unusual persistent odor in your home, the culprit may be mold.”

Read the rest of their explanation here.

Health Symptoms

Home Garden Television also discussed the signs of mold issues in households, and mentioned that the signs of mold presence go beyond the structures of a home. It said that the signs can manifest as well on the health and wellness of those living inside the house.

“Allergic reactions are common to an overgrowth of mold. Symptoms include sneezing, coughing, skin rashes, wheezing, a runny nose, redness of the eyes and the onset of asthma. More severe reactions to mold exposure include difficulty breathing, fevers, a compromised immune system and recurring lung infections.”

The whole article can be found here.

Mold Inspection

When homeowners suspect mold presence in a home, nothing can confirm it better than a professional mold inspection. ABC News has recently published a feature on a child afflicted with mold-related illness and suffered for three years – long after they have left the affected home. Why Sewer Backups is a Worst Type of Water Damage

In that same feature they posted some relevant information on mold detection and removal, including when to call for a professional mold inspection.

“When there is a musty smell, but you cannot find any visual evidence. When there is visual evidence and you need to determine the extent of infestation and damage. When there is no visual evidence or smell, but a member of the family has persistent symptoms (sensitivities vary by individual). When you need help locating the source of the water that’s causing the mold.”

The rest of the write-up can be found here.

Once detected, molds have to be removed in the house right away. Most mold problems are not covered by insurance hence it is best to have it removed while it is not as widespread, to save on remediation expenses. Activities in San Diego for Young Families