Possible Electrical Repairs for Flooded Homes

Safety First

When homes get inundated with flood waters, electrical fixtures such as wirings and outlets are most likely affected as well. It is important that every home gets to consult a licensed electrician to stay on the safe side, at least prior to reoccupying their flooded property. San Diego Fun things to do

Possible electrical repairs for flooded homes

Flooding can cause serious electrical problems. (Photo Credits)

Popular Mechanics came up with a blog post detailing electrical safety tips after a home flooding. In their article, they emphasized the importance of hiring a licensed electrician contractor who can evaluate and undertake repairs needed in the home electrical fixtures. Super Dry San Diego Water Damage Service

Pay increased attention to grounding and bonding, and after the flood ask an electrician to conduct a thorough survey the system. Why: There are two aspects to every home’s electrical system: the parts designed to carry electrical current during normal operation, and the parts designed to carry current safely to ground should something go wrong. The latter is known as the home’s grounding and bonding system and it can be severely damaged by floodwaters. Only a licensed electrician is equipped and trained to evaluate the damage. All metal components of a home’s electrical system should be carefully and replaced if necessary. For example, metal electrical boxes that have been submerged may rust and the rust on the box prevents an adequate connection to the home’s grounding system.”

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Staying Safe after a Flooding

The Washington Post earlier published an article explaining how water or flood damage destroys a home. In the Electrical Aspect they explained that floodings may call for replacement of fixtures. Commercial Restoration Carlsbad

“Harvey’s flooding was caused by rain rather than saltwater storm surge, which Reichel said is another good thing, electrically speaking. Any outlets and switches that were underwater would need to be replaced regardless. But because freshwater isn’t corrosive like saltwater, some of the wiring may survive, pending a building inspector’s okay.

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Water or flood damaged electrical appliances

As for appliances that may have been damaged by flooding, Consumer Reports featured a reminder for homeowners who may want to check the state of their appliances that have been exposed to water damage. Minimizing flooding risk on a property

“Wait for a Pro to Inspect: One of the worst things homeowners can do after a flood is attempt to air-dry their appliances and then turn them on,’ says Chris Granger, vice president of Sears Home Services, which repairs almost 7 million appliances a year. ‘This can cause the appliance to short-circuit, or worse, shock the user, resulting in serious and life-threatening injury if there’s moisture in the electrical components.’ If water has flooded a room and appliances came into contact with the water, the best approach is to wait until the water recedes, then disconnect the appliances from power sources. Never do this while standing in water. ‘Do not reconnect appliances until a qualified technician has inspected them,’ Nanni adds.”

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Above else, safety should be upheld when attempting to re-entering or re occupying a once flooded home.