San Diego’s Famous Flowers

San Diego blooms all year round with flowers that thrive in both desert areas and in flower fields. (Photo Credits)

Floral fans will get a treat when visiting San Diego, California as it is home to a lot of colorful and delicate flowers that are just so fragrant and adorable.

The San Diego County Plant Atlas provides a good guide on the flowers that are native to the area. Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration Online

“San Diego County, with natural environments ranging from sea coast, up through foothills and mountains,

and down to the desert, is a hotbed of botanical diversity. The Plant Atlas project is an intensive plant

specimen collecting effort begun in 2003 employing dozens of volunteer plant enthusiasts and resulting in a

very high density survey of the more than 2800 species found in the county.”

Check out their website here.

San Diego Blooms

If tourists would like to see the blooms San Diego, CA have been known for then they must visit the flower fields of Carlsbad, California. Emergency Commercial Restoration

“A leisurely stroll along the pathways of The Flower Fields from early March to early May provides you with the opportunity to experience colorful bands of ranunculus flowers up close, and to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. You will definitely want to bring a camera! In addition to the vivid bands of color, we invite you to come and enjoy our tractor driven wagon rides, and stroll through a 1,500 square foot greenhouse filled with world famous Ecke poinsettias. Be sure and navigate through the pathways of our sweet pea maze and enjoy the many various themed gardens. The Flower Fields® is a great place to bring the family for a day of picnicking and enjoying our beautiful Southern California weather. Picnic tables are provided on site for your convenience.” Tiny Home Living in San Diego

Take a look at this wonderful place here.

Wildflowers of San Diego, CA

The San Diego Union Tribune meantime featured flower fields in the San Diego area. The Anza-Borrego dessert is one of the many flowering spots in San Diego that have been included in their list. Why Flood Damage Must Be Treated Immediately

“The desert is divided into three sections. In the north, you’ll find colorful blooms at Little Surprise Canyon, Borrego Palm Canyon and Henderson Canyon. The central Anza-Borrego area is filled with cactus, desert scrub and chaparral at Pinyon Mountain Road, Blair Valley, Pacific Crest Trail, Plum Canyon and Hawk Canyon. The southern end has both the largest trees and the smallest flowers in the desert, especially along the Elsinore earthquake fault. The dirt road from County Road S-2 to Mountain Palm Springs also has plenty of great wildflowers and plants.”

Read about the other San Diego, CA areas where flowers bloom in display here.

San Diego is indeed a great area for flowers!