Winter time can wreak havoc for some households.

It is no secret that snow can cause a deluge of water damage problems. This is especially true for homes that have not been winterized. The problem also does not end when the temperatures start to rise, because melting snow can even be a bigger concern. Interesting Activities in San Diego

Snow and Water Damage

The problem withy winter, and water damage. (Photo Credits)

The North Dakota State University has published an article aiming to help property owners avoid water damage brought about by snow. Signs of Water Damage in the Bathroom

“Eave-trough down-spouts should carry the water several feet from a house to a well drained area. About 2,500 gallons of water will come from a 1,000 square foot roof with one foot of snow depth across the roof. This much water may cause problems if allowed to drain next to the house. Move snow on the ground away from the house. Snow melt water may cause a wet basement if allowed to run down along the basement wall. If the ground is sloped 1 inch per foot near the house, moving the snow just 3-5 feet from the house will reduce problems.”

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Steps to Take

Insurance company Liberty Mutual shared tips to avoid water damage in the property brought about by the snow season. SuperDry San Diego California

“Remove snow from around your home: snow accumulation near your foundation, windows, and doors can leak into your home once it starts to melt. Remember to shovel any decks, driveways or patios that slope towards your home. Check your roof and gutters: consider hiring a professional to remove the snow from your roof so that water run-off is at a minimum once temperatures rise. If that’s not possible, be sure that your gutters are clear so that the water will have a path away from your home. If possible, attach a sloped leader to your downspout that leads run-off at least 10ft from your home.”

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Can insurance cover water damage?

The next question to ask upon finding out about water damage is the expense that it entails. Will water damage caused by snow and inclement weather be covered by Insurance? The website, The Balance tried to explain this in a comprehensive write up they published in their website. Fire Inspection Services

“Fortunately, many homeowners are insured and can make a claim if they sustain damage from a winter storm, spring thaw or cold snap. Depending on the type of policy you have, several types of risks and damage arising from weather, heavy snowfall, thaws or cold snaps that may be covered and you may be able to get help and compensation for losses from your insurance company.”

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If water damage occurs it is important to seek the professional services of a licensed water damage professional.