When Water Damage Hits the Kitchen

Dealing with Kitchen Flooding

Kitchen flooding can happen anytime since the kitchen has various plumbing fixtures, and appliances that have an open water source. When such thing occurs, it is important for every homeowner to know how to deal with all these things to mitigate whatever damages this may cause on kitchen fixtures and throughout the whole house.

First steps to take after discovering water damage

Home Advisor explains how residential flooding can occur.

When Water Damage Hits the Kitchen

The kitchen can be severely affected by water damage or residential flooding. (Photo Credits)

“A kitchen flood can occur due to a number of reasons, ranging from a clogged sink or drain pipe to a leaking water pipe. An improper functioning dishwasher can also result in a kitchen flood, making the water flow all over your kitchen floor. A kitchen flood can cause severe damage to the different fixtures and appliances in the room. Different electrical appliances placed and used in kitchen spaces can suffer damage and might not function properly if they get drenched with water.”

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Leaking Even When Not in Use

While plumbing issues and kitchen flooding is not too far off in a high-traffic kitchen, flooding can still unfortunately occur even in kitchens that are sparingly used.

Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration Web Site

Third Party Service Ratings website Angie’s list meanwhile explained why kitchen flooding can still occur even in holiday homes, or kitchens that are hardly used. In their article they emphasized that it is wisest to just have a licensed plumber go check and repair whatever plumbing issues that may have surfaced.

Sanitizing Toys after Water Damage

“The leak could also originate from faulty mechanisms in the handles of the faucet, or another bad connection just under the base of the faucet, which may mean the connections and O-rings require replacement. The water could be trickling from these connections down the supply line. But it could be another issue entirely. One plumber we spoke with mentioned the leaking might be due to broken water or drain lines in the slab. Some companies use solar locators to find these breaks.”

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Dealing with emergency kitchen flooding

The website Home Stratosphere meanwhile shared with its readers steps they should take in case emergency flooding occurs in their kitchen.

Commercial Service Calls

“If a pipe has burst and your kitchen is suddenly a growing pond, it’s pretty easy to see that you have water damage. But other water damage isn’t so obvious, and you could go a long time without noticing it. Be aware of these less-obvious signs of water damage: (1) Your water bill is suddenly much higher, but your habits haven’t changed. This could indicate you have an undetected leak. (2) You find bubbles in your wall. This may not be noticeable, as we tend to get so used to our surroundings, but it’s not a bad idea to take a minute every now and then and stare at the walls. (3) You smell musty or moldy smells anywhere in your home.”

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Kitchen flooding can occur anytime, and it will be best to have a plumber to contact right away for kitchen flooding concerns.