Where to Find the Best Burgers in Carlsbad

Burger lovers can satisfy their cravings in Carlsbad, as it is a home of some of the best burgers in California. Whether one is searching for the good, old, and simple burger, or a designer gourmet burger, they can definitely find it in burger places in and around Carlsbad town.

Craft Burger is on top of the list of most burger enthusiasts in town. Craft Burger is located along Carlsbad Village Drive.

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Carlsbad

Comfort food at its finest. (Photo Credits)

“Our beliefs about the quality of food we serve help us to create the best burger around.  We start with 100% natural Angus beef, cage free chicken, wild caught ahi and organic Portobello mushroom.  The creation begins from there, as we build each burger with farm-to-table ingredients sourced locally.”

Check out their menu here.

Best Burgers in Town

Burger Lounge is also one of the favorites of Carlsbad locals. Its Grass-fed burgers have been warmly welcomed by burger lovers because of its guilt-free features. The Lounge Burger is one of their top offerings. This burger, like all their burgers are handcrafted, cooked medium unless otherwise requested, and can be wrapped in lettuce for a lighter meal.

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“100% Fresh, Single Source, American Grass-Fed Beef, Choice of Organic Cheese, Fresh or Grilled Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, House 1000 Island, Toasted Gluten Free Bun.”

Check out their online menu here.

Best with Craft Beer

When in San Diego, burgers are best paired with Craft Beer. This is the premise of Notorious Burgers, who has been steadily growing a following in the Carlsbad Community.

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“Opened December, 2012, this old city speakeasy reminiscent of the Rat Pack’s glory days will transport you back to a time when made men made history, prohibition proved pointless and bootlegging was boss. If you think you’ll find better beef in this town, fuggedaboudit – our burgers are fresh, flavorful and among the many reasons we’re always mobbed. But they aren’t our only items packing heat – Notorious Burger’s menu also boasts sizzling sandwiches, sizable salads and a plethora of other palate-pleasing plates that appeal to gangsters and good guys alike. So slap on a pin-striped suit and don your favorite fedora, because we’re about to make you a burger you can’t refuse.”

Read more about Notorious Burgers from their official website here.

Finding the best burger in Carlsbad will indeed be a great gastronomic adventure.