Activated Sprinkler Systems and Water Damage

Can they Cause Water Damage?

Some new homeowners are often at a deciding point on whether to have an automated fire sprinkler should be installed in their home or not. While they know that these sprinkler systems help put out a fire and ensure safety, the myths and misconceptions regarding its use make homeowners think twice about having it installed. Super Dry San Diego Water Damage 24 hours

One of their primary considerations is accidental activation or its activation on all parts of the home, causing water damage to the rest of the home. And while some of their fears may be valid, fire safety advocates insist it still better to have fire sprinkler systems installed at home, than risk not having one.

Activated Sprinkler Systems and Water Damage

Is the risk for water damage high, with an automated fire sprinkler system? (Photo Credits)

The National Fire Protection Association in fact has an ongoing campaign encouraging all homeowners to install fire sprinkler systems in their respective homes. Commercial Service Calls

“NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative helps stakeholders navigate the code-making and legislative process to get fire sprinkler requirements for new homes passed in their communities. The initiative offers an array of free research, resources, and on-the-ground support that can help sprinkler advocates underscore the life-saving impact of home fire sprinklers. NFPA also assists sprinkler coalitions in convincing the public and their decision makers that sprinklers are needed in homes, where people have the greatest risk of dying from fire.”

Read about their advocacy here.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA is also calling on homeowners to consider automated fire sprinkler systems, simply because it reacts faster than any fire prevention equipment or team. Possible Electrical Repairs for Flooded Homes

In fact in the manual that they published, they dispelled myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of home fire sprinkler systems including fears about water damage. They emphasized that only sprinkler heads in the room that is being gutted by the fire get activated, lessening possible water damage in areas that are not on fire. Summer Activities for Children in Santee

“Water damage from sprinklers is usually considerably less expensive to  repair than   damage caused by  water    from   fire hoses, smoke,  and   fire. Quick-response sprinklers release 8 to  24  gallons of  water    per   minute, while    fire  hoses release 50 to 125 gallons per minute.”

Download the full manual here.

Safety First

The National Fire Sprinklers Association stressed in one of their articles that sprinklers are being made available even for homeowners to help ensure their safety during fire incidents.

“Sprinklers’ primary focus is on savings lives from the ravages of fire.  When a fire starts in a modern home, there are many things for it to burn, as the general building trend is toward big rooms packed with overstuffed furniture.  Much of the upholstery that we use contains polyester which is made from oil and is extremely flammable.  Having a sprinkler system allows you and your family to escape the fire and get to safety.  Without a sprinkler system you can be overcome by the gasses that come off a fire and pass out in fewer than 3 minutes.  Smoke detectors are great for warning you, but sprinkler suppress the fire and allow for evacuation.”

Check out the rest of the article from their official website here.

Fire sprinkler systems are indeed very important to avoid further fire damage and fatalities during fire incidents.