Mold Removal

Even a small of amount of mold can turn into a huge problem!

Mold Removal

Even a small of amount of mold can turn into a huge problem!

When disaster hits, we'll get it fixed!

What is MOLD?

The term “mold” refers to fungi that grow in the form of multicellular, thread-like structures called hyphae. Mold plays a significant role in nature in biodegradation. In your home or business, it can break down the structural integrity of your building materials, and if allowed to grow it can contribute to poor indoor air quality & can pose potentially severe health hazards.

Mold can happen during any season, and in every type of climate, weather & environment. Mold grows and feeds off moisture and organic materials, such as wood, drywall & carpet. Almost everything in your home or office can be a potential food source.

Causes of MOLD

  • Previous Flood/Water Damage
  • Excessive humidity
  • Leaking & sweaty pipes
  • Condensation leaks from heating & cooling ventilation
  • Standing water & residual moisture
  • Inadequate or improper ventilation of crawl spaces
  • Improperly sealed backsplashes, tubs & sinks
  • Trapped moisture in building materials (roofs, insulation, building foundation, walls, ceilings, windows)
  • Hidden moisture under carpets & pads

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The danger to HEALTH

Mold is more than just unsightly; it represents a significant threat to health. Excessive molds become mobilized by releasing small “spores” into the air as it grows. When mold grows, the number of mold spores are usually higher indoors than outside. These spores are small enough to be inhaled into your lungs. Inhalation of spores presents a risk of respiratory problems which can be even greater in those with existing allergies & respiratory conditions.

Safe and Thorough Mold Remediation

WARNING: Never attempt to treat highly toxic black mold yourself. The EPA cautions against trying to remove even small amounts of mold on your own. Even for small areas, without the proper detection tools, treatment materials, and equipment, total mold removal may not be successful.

The SuperDry 7 Step Process

Step 1: Immediate Response
Step 2: Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment
Step 3: Cause Correction & Mold Containment
Step 4: Air Filtration
Step 5: Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials
Step 6: Cleaning Contents and Belongings
Step 7: Restoration

The SuperDry Difference

SuperDry San Diego offers professional water damage removal, mold remediation, fire damage restoration & smoke odor removal services throughout San Diego County. Our licensed technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week with fully equipped trucks so that they can begin the restoration process immediately. We use best equipment available.

We work with you home owners, management companies and local businesses. We are highly trained and IICRC certified. We also work directly with your insurance adjuster and can bill your insurance directly so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork.

We will work with Your Insurance Company & file the paperwork for you!

For us it's about making satisfied customers, not just sales.

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