Harmful Effects of Molds on Allergy-Sensitive People

While some people may not be too susceptible to the harmful effects of inhaling mold spores, immune compromised individuals, those who are too young or too old, and those with extreme allergic reactions can suffer due to molds.

Hay Fever is one of the most common symptoms of a mold allergy.

It is important for every household to be aware of the adverse health effects of molds in individuals especially those who are sensitive to allergens. It is in their best interest to keep their homes mold-free so that allergy sensitive members of their households would not have to needlessly suffer.

So what are the harmful effects of molds for allergy sufferers? If a person is not yet aware that he has mold allergies then it is best to be aware of the signs that his allergies can be triggered by exposure to mold spores.
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The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has extensively discussed mold allergies, and in their online article about it, they mentioned about how some types of mold triggers allergy to some people. They also mentioned its symptoms.

“Mold spores get into your nose and cause hay fever symptoms. They also can reach the lungs and trigger asthma. A chemical released by allergy cells in the nose and or lungs causes the symptoms. Sometimes the reaction happens right away. Sometimes a mold allergy can cause delayed symptoms, leading to nasal congestion or worsening asthma over time. Symptoms often get worse in a damp or moldy room like a basement. This may mean you have a mold allergy.”

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The problem with mold allergies though is that it may also cause complications that go beyond a bronchial asthma attack. The Mayo Clinis has extensively discussed this in one of their posts, and mentioned that the allergies can progress into more serious illnesses.
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“Allergic fungal sinusitis. This results from an inflammatory reaction to fungus in the sinuses. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. This reaction to fungus in the lungs can occur in people with asthma or cystic fibrosis. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis. This rare condition occurs when exposure to airborne particles such as mold spores causes the lungs to become inflamed.”
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Check out the full write-up here.

To prevent triggering mold allergies, it is important to be aware of some measures to keep molds from growing inside the home. These include moisture elimination inside the home, keeping the home clean, using a dehumidifier and making sure that areas within the home are all adequately-ventilated, and decluttering the home of unused stuff that may gather molds and dust like old books and newspapers. Molds Fact Sheet

Should allergies persist, it may be best to inspect the whole house for mold growth and seek restoration services immediately. If there are no visual signs of molds and allergies continue to be triggered, then it may be best to hire a mold inspection service. Tips on Improving Home Indoor Air Quality

Here are possible solutions and treatment for mold allergies.