Safety tips to survive a flash flood

Being caught in the middle of a flash flood can be one of the most dangerous scenarios to be in, especially for families with young children. Itr is extremely important to know what to do during such instances, whether inside the home, or when travelling in a vehicle. Super Dry CA San Diego

The website came up with a comprehensive set of guidelines aimed at ensuring flood safety while in the middle of a flash flooding.

Safety tips to survive a flash flood

The threat of flash flooding is real, and every individual should know what to do during such emergencies. (Photo Credits)

“If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. Move to a safe area before access is cut off by flood water. Evacuation is much simpler and safer before flood waters become too deep for vehicles to drive through. Follow recommended evacuation routes. Shortcuts or alternate, non-recommended routes may be blocked or damaged by flood waters. Leave early enough to avoid being marooned by flooded roads. Delaying too long may allow all escape routes to become blocked.”

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Responding to home flooding

The state government of New Jersey also published a similar guideline, complete with what should be done during individual possible scenarios. One of the areas they discussed is securing one’s family and property from imminent flood damage. Commercial Drying And Restoration Carlsbad

“Fill bathtubs, sinks, and plastic bottles with clean water. Water may become contaminated or service may be interrupted. Bring outdoor belongings, such as patio furniture, indoors. Unsecured items may be swept away and damaged by flood waters. Move your furniture and valuables to higher floors of your home. If flood waters affect your home, higher floors are less likely to receive damage. If you are instructed by local authorities, turn off all utilities at the main power switch and close the main gas valve.”

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Encountering Flashflood outside the home

This is another extremely dangerous situation to be in, but it is possible to survive. ABC News came up with an easy to understand write-up that can guide individuals and families during an encounter with floodwaters. Can flooded mattresses still be saved?

“Do not panic if your car becomes submerged by flood waters. Release your seat belt, roll down your window and get out of the car. If your windows won’t open, let the car fill with water. Once that happens, you will be able to open the doors. Get out of the car immediately and swim to the surface. Do not stay in the car until it sinks. If you are swept away in fast-moving water, try to make sure your feet are pointed downstream. If you are swept away, make every effort to direct your body over obstacles rather than under them. If you are on foot, be aware that you can be knocked down by just six inches of moving water. If you come upon moving water, do not walk into it.” Best Restaurants in San Diego, CA

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Surviving a flash flood is possible when armed with knowledge on how to conduct oneself during a flooding.