Warning Signs of Water Damage in the Bathroom

Water damage can be very devastating. Even what seems to be minor damage can be very destructive, especially when unaddressed.

Bathroom water damage can happen even in the newest of bathrooms.

One area in the house which property owners would not suspect of incurring water damage is the bathroom. Most homeowners assume that bathrooms are made of waterproof materials, and are least likely to incur rotting, and flooding destruction.

These assumptions, however, are untrue. Water damage can happen even in the newest of bathrooms.

Angie’s List says one of the causes of bathroom water damage is leaky plumbing fixtures. In one of their online articles, they mentioned that this could manifest through warping in bathroom walls or mold and mildew growth. Carlsbad 24 Hours Water Damage

“A wall with blistering paint or wallpaper is another sign of bathroom leaks. In most cases, steam from the occasional hot shower shouldn’t cause paint or wallpaper to come loose. When water and moisture get between the wall and paint, they eliminate the bond and begin to separate the two, causing the paint to rise from the wall and fall off in pieces. The same goes for wallpaper: The adhesive used to bond the paper to the wall becomes less sticky, and the paper begins to come loose.”

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Home improvement website The Spruce shared several tips on repairing water damaged bathroom walls. In their online post, they mentioned how water damage takes place and what homeowners can do about it. How Water Damage Can Cause Termite Infestations

“Water damage happens quite often on shower and bath walls, especially in older homes. Older homes used materials like grout and drywall versus waterproof materials to support the surrounding shower tile. However, on occasion, old tile and bad caulking can lead to moisture build-up, causing mold, rot, and even subfloor and ceiling leaks. Thankfully, only part of a shower wall is affected, and that happens near the shower base, more times than not. Catching this issue early will save you a lot of money, time, and frustration.”

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If the water damage is substantial, Home Advisor says it is best to hire a Superdry contractor who can repair the water damage, and at the same time, get rid of mold issues. In their online feature, they threshed out the details of bathroom water damage repair, and how to find reputable contractors who can help with the project. Activated Sprinkler Systems and Water Damage

“Erasing signs of the damage in your bathroom is dependent on the severity of what’s occurred. You may need to bring in a long line of contractors to get things back in order. In a worst-case scenario, your bathroom might have suffered structural damage, and mold and mildew are present as well. If those are the facts, you’re going to need to call in a general contractor, as well as a mold and mildew remediation specialist, to return your bathroom and home to a safe, usable state.”

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Bathroom water damage should be addressed immediately. Shrugging off water damage can lead to even more significant problems like molds and mildew, which are more expensive to repair.